[chiglug] EFF event planning meeting - this weekend

Jim Campbell jcampbell at gnome.org
Wed Mar 9 04:46:03 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Joel and I had discussed getting together this Saturday or Sunday to
start mapping out details of the April 16th digital privacy event, and
wanted to see who may be interested in helping out. Saturday A.M. works
best for Joel, and that works fine for me. Sunday is still on the table,
as well.  

As for what we'd be working through during this time, we're thinking of
what we'd like to have has event topics, and how we'll structure the
event - getting more into the day's agenda and how things will flow. By
the end of this get-together, we'll have an agenda for the day's
schedule and probably have some talk assignments.

If you'd like to help with this, and think you can make it out, let us
know your preferred date / time for the weekend. We don't have a
location set yet, but it will likely be a coffee shop.

Thanks, everyone!!


P.S. As is probably that case with at least some of you, my work
schedule has been a bit overwhelming lately. I / we do intend to get
back to "regularly scheduled LUG programming" in the near future, but if
someone (Peter, Rob, Bonnie or Lincoln?) is interested in organizing
some speaking topics for an upcoming meeting, that would be really super
excellently great. I want things to stay active for regular LUG-like
activities, as well.

If this EFF stuff is uninteresting for you, we appreciate you humoring
us while we plan this event.  : ) 

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