[chiglug] Purism (@Puri_sm) FOSS Laptop, Privacy & Security

Rob Dux robwdux at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 13:45:15 UTC 2015

> I wonder why they made their own operating system and browser.

It's all readily available software, guess they just threw a brand on it
for distribution purpose rather saying we ship with chrome and linux
or whatever.

"What About Installing a Different OS?

Since we are using Trisquel GNU/Linux, which is the strictest of
distributions and strips all binary blobs from the Linux kernel, you
can easily install anything less strict, such as Debian and Ubuntu. We
have not yet tried installing a non-GNU/Linux-based operating system."

Trisquel is approved by FSF, RMS would be happy to use one of these
if they get around to using coreboot and provided it gratis I suppose.


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