[Discuss] where to get help with gnome 3 freezing / crashing on fedora 22, external monitor + minidp + intel 5500 graphics

Rob Dux robwdux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 05:18:51 UTC 2015

fedora 22 on dell xps13 is pretty slick, however upgrading to latest
packages and kernel seems to have caused stability issues with with
external monitors. our setup is dual 27" monitors daisy chained,
single input via miniDP. hot plugging (docking and undocking)
sometimes freezes and cannot drop to tty or just crashes gnome shell
forcing a hard reset.

do I post on https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/questions/ or directly
to a gnome 3 mailing list? I've reviewed the logs and it seems like a
bug directly related to gnome 3 but I am not sure where to address the
issue. can someone point me in the right direction? not sure which
list is appropriate out of the many:

Rob Dux

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