[Discuss] Questions about shells: Tmux, Screen, SSH and Terminator

Rich Johnson nixternal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 21:15:43 UTC 2014

Yakuake + tmux, becuase KDE > * if you didn't already know :p

Hey, with tmux, do what I do, create aliases for attach & crap, because
yes, default way TMUX bindings are redonkulous. Though, you could set it up
to mimic screen as well. If you are using Ubuntu, just byobu homey with the
tmux backend. Though to be honest, you don't need Terminator for the
splitting because you can do that in tmux.

http://blog.yjl.im/2009/11/migrating-to-tmux-from-gnuscreen.html - good
little tutorial of the switch from screen to tmux

And of course there is always the Arch wiki. Probably the best place for
documentation on Linux in general, if only a lot of their devs/maintainers
knew how to do proper packaging.

--Rich Johnson

On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 2:49 PM, Freddy Martinez <freddymartinez9 at gmail.com>

> Hi folks,
> I've been having a lot of issues lately with my SSH sessions (I have
> to maintain ~5 for 8+ hours a day with frequency having to lock /
> leave my work station).  Here's my current setup. I use Terminator and
> have it split with 3-4 panes and just use SSH.  I don't use screen
> because I find that it doesn't work great with Terminator. Some of my
> coworkers use tmux (you can launch it inside terminator) but I dislike
> the keybindings. The advantage of tmux is that is supports screen-like
> behavior but its actively supported. (screen isn't maintained anymore
> What's your setup? Do anyone have a recommendation that isn't tmux?
> Ideally I'd like to use terminator + <something else>.
> Thanks,
> Freddy M
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